Renting one of our low priced towing trailers will prevent unnecessary mileage on your vehicle and save money on gas. We carry a wide selection of trailers, from towing dollies and lawn trailers to car haulers. Whether you are hauling lawn equipment for your business or hauling a car to your new residence, Barn Rentals will meet your towing needs.

Our trailers:

  • Barn Hitches and Trailers

Towing Dollys

Barn Hitches Towing Dolly Barn Hitches Towing Dolly Large
Select from several options and choose the dolly that fits your exact towing requirements.
Cargo Trailers

Barn Hitches Custom Black Cargo Trailer Barn Hitches Custom White Cargo Trailer Barn Hitches Custom Green Cargo Trailer Barn Hitches Custom Silver Cargo Trailer Barn Hitches Custom Gray Cargo Trailer Choose from a wide variety of Custom Cargo Trailers, including:
  • 4' Series: 4' x 6' through 4' x 10' trailers.
  • 5' Series: 5' x 8.5' through 5' x 12' trailers.
  • 6' Series: 6' x 10' through 6' x 14' trailers.
  • 7' Series: 7' x 10' through 7' x 14' trailers.
  • 8' Series: 8' x 14' through 8' x 24' trailers.
Utility Trailers
Utility Trailers are the best way to move your mowing machines, ATV's, and other small equipment. Many models come complete with 4' long drive-on gates, tubing uprights and top rails, spare tire carriers, and a powder coat finish.
Utility Trailer A-Series with Gate
A-Series with Gate. Comes in multiple sizes for every type of job.
Utility Trailer A-Series with Tilted Bed
A-Series, Tilt Bed. Multiple use and multiple size utility trailer.
Utility Trailer Solid Side
Solid Side Utility Trailer. Multiple sizes and models available.
Utility Trailer Lawn Trailer
Lawn Trailer. Handles any lawn or landscaping job, large or small.
Car Haulers
Our Car Haulers can solve your specific transportation needs. We have low load angle trailers for worry free loading, and Bri-Mar Power Tilt trailers for extra convenience.
Car Hauler Trailer Open
Our Open Car Haulers can be configured in many ways.
Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer
Our Enclosed Car Haulers provide extra protection for your car.
Custom Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer
Custom Enclosed Car Haulers can be sized for your specific transportation needs.
Large Custom Enclosed Car Hauler Trailer
Large Enclosed Car Haulers will help you meet your larger transportation needs.
Special Trailers
We carry Bri-Mar dump trailers that lead the industry in durability and reliability, and are great for loading, hauling, and dumping. In addition, we have motorcylce trailers, skid steer trailers, and many other specialty trailers!
Dump Trailer New York
6' Wide Dump Trailer.
Skid Steer Trailer Barn Hitches New York
Skid Steer Trailer
Advantage Cargo Trailer Barn Hitches New York
Advantage Cargo Trailer: Aerodynamic advantage, extra cargo space.
Motorcycle Trailer Barn Hitches New York
Haul or transport your motorcycles on this trailer.
D.O.W. Equipment Trailer Barn Hitches New York
D.O.W. Equipment Trailer.